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Quantalux Technology


Quantalux is always looking to provide cost-effective solutions that enhances efficiency and sustainability. Some of the technologies under development at Quantalux include:

Technology Development for Biogas Systems 

Quantalux has a joint development agreement with BioWorks Energy in Flint Michigan to develop new technology solutions for anaerobic digester systems at wastewater treatment plants. (See http://www.bioworksenergy.com ).  The Flint Biogas Plant includes an anaerobic digester and combined heat and power (CHP) electrical generator (600 kW+). The facility can be used as a pilot scale testing facility to evaluate innovations such as co-feedstock optimization, excess heat recovery and co-location strategies with agricultural facilities.,

Quantalux and BioWorks have developed a range of modeling tools to evaluate energy consumption at a digester system, and to help digester owners/operators to optimize feedstock mixtures to enhance biogas production while also assuring system stability.

Biogas Heat Engines for Agriculture

The agricultural division of Quantalux has evaluated small “heat engines” for small dairy farmers based on anaerobic digesters. Manure from dairy farms can be digested to produce biogas, which in turn can be used to replace fossil-fuels on the farm. Our approach is to maximize the system efficiency so that farms with as few as 200 cows can operate a digester cost-effectively. This high efficiency is achieved by adding thermal storage and remote monitoring to the digester to assure consistent biogas production. The farmer can also add different organic waste materials to the digester (such as food waste) to further increase the amount of biogas produced. Biogas Heat Engine technology is especially helpful to small- to mid-sized farms producing organic milks and cheeses, decreasing their energy costs and allowing them to be more competitive with larger operations.

A dual-stage (thermophilic/mesophilic) pilot-scale biodigester designed by Quantalux is currently in operation at Michigan State University, and is available for contract testing of feedstocks.