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Quantalux Wins Phase II Award

Quantalux has won a USDA Phase II SBIR for the development of a Biogas Heat Engine. This technology will allow small to mid-sized farmers to generate their own biogas from existing supplies of manure of the farm.  Based on anaerobic digester technology, this system will yield a cost-effective solution for smaller dairy farmers to manage their energy costs for heating and cooling.

Key innovations for this system is a comprehensive energy management system, remote monitoring and cost-effective biogas storage.

Working with our development partners at Swedish Biogas, Inc. (SBI) and Michigan State University (ADREC), this project will focus on the technology needed to make digestion a viable way for farmers to decrease their purchase of fossil-fuels. The Biogas Heat Engine will give even smaller-scale dairy farmers the opportunity to implement anaerobic digestion systems.

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