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News, events, observations, industrial and otherwise, from a Quantalux point-of-view.

Successful Advanced AD Operator Training Course (May 7-9, 2019)

The 3 day technical short-course for advanced AD operators in May was a big success. We had nearly 20 students from across the industry (waste water, dairy and food waste) join us on the campus of Michigan State . . . Read More

Energy Storage Assessments at WWTPs

Quantalux staff are now offering energy assessments for wastewater treatment plants that operate anaerobic digesters. We see excellent potential for significant savings in utility costs by adopting energy storage strategies. Our staff uses data from the plant’s utility charges . . . Read More

Quantalux awarded Phase I SBIR

Quantalux has been awarded a Phase I SBIR from the USDA to develop Q-Calc, a software app for managing food waste processing at anaerobic digesters. Q-Calc will give plant operators needed real-time feedback on the impact of adding co-feedstocks . . . Read More

Award for Biogas/Biodiesel Refinery Demonstration

Quantalux has received an award from the USDA for a Conservation Innovation Grant for the design of a hybrid biogas/biodiesel biofuel system. Working with with Michigan State University/ ADREC and MSU Extension, we will jointly analyze the technical and . . . Read More

Quantalux wins Young Entrepreneur Initiative (US-France)

Quantalux has been named a laureate for the Young Entrepreneur Initiative (YEI) to receive support for R&D and marketing in France for smaller-scale anaerobic digesters. The YEI provides substantial support to US entrepreneurs seeking to enter the French and . . . Read More

Quantalux Wins Phase II Award

Quantalux has won a USDA Phase II SBIR for the development of a Biogas Heat Engine. This technology will allow small to mid-sized farmers to generate their own biogas from existing supplies of manure of the farm.  Based on . . . Read More

Quantalux and Michigan State to Develop Next Generation Energy Technology

Michigan State University and Quantalux LLC have been awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Economic Labor and Development (DELEG) to analyze the advantages of operating anaerobic digesters at thermophilic temperatures. Anaerobic digesters are processing systems that digest . . . Read More

Quantalux Receives R&D Award

The US Department of Agriculture has awarded Quantalux LLC in Ann Arbor, Michigan a Phase I SBIR contract  to evaluate next-generation energy technology for small to-mid-sized farms.  Quantalux will assess the suitability of using thermal storage technology for dairy . . . Read More