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Strategies for Energy and Wastewater Treatment

On the topic of wastewater, most people are understandably of the “flush and forget” variety. But today’s wastewaster professionals recognize that in the long term, our approach to sewage treatment needs to be less about “processing” wastewater, and more . . . Read More

Q-Calc: A new App for managing food waste

 Many wastewater treatment plants are intrigued with the idea of increasing biogas production by accepting food waste, but are concerned with process stability. As part of a Phase I SBIR from the USDA, Quantalux is developing a software decision . . . Read More

Pilot Scale Dual-Stage Digester – Now Operational

For the last year, Quantalux and students/staff at Michigan State University have been building a pilot scale anaerobic digester (“Pilot AD”). This mobile unit can process manure, food waste and FOG (Fats, Oils and Greases), and is designed to be . . . Read More

Food Waste – A Practical Guide to Biodigestion

Many municipalities and companies are trying to figure out how to responsibly dispose of the over 34 million tons of food waste that is generated each year. (This is roughly 15% of the total landfill volume in the US.) . . . Read More

Feasibility Study for a Biodigester

Quantalux was awarded a contract by the City of Ann Arbor to assess the potential for operating a biodigester for the local region. Our partners on this project are Swedish Biogas in Flint, MI, who are experts in co-feedstock management and . . . Read More

Can a Farmer make Jet Fuel?

In 2011, the ASTM (the leading engineering standards organization in the US) approved the blending of JP8 with biofuels produced from cellulosic feedstocks for aviation fuels.  This seemingly bland bit of technical information is actually an important moment for the . . . Read More

Survival Guide for Small Dairy Farms

It is tough to be a small dairy farmer these days. We’ve been interviewing small dairy operations in Michigan and have found first-hand that smaller dairy farms (typically family owned) are being challenged by rapidly changing feed costs and . . . Read More

Biomass Energy and Carbon

In a December 28, 2010 op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, Rep. Fred Upton from my state of Michigan argued that Congress should either delay or overturn the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations outright. This, he says, will . . . Read More

Biogas/Water = Win/Win

There’s been plenty of recent attention on energy prices since the price of a barrel of oil topped $100. Less recognized (but also important) is the long term availability of water. For arid parts of the US, water sources . . . Read More