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Research and Development: Quantalux provides R&D services for sustainable bioenergy systems.  We have expertise in:

  • Strategies to maximize revenue for bioenergy systems.
  • Technology development for anaerobic digesters.
  • Detailed financial modeling of renewable energy systems.

Use us as your go-to R & D resource, or to augment your internal R & D capability. Either way, Quantalux can add value and really help your project take shape.

System-Wide Approach: Quantalux understands the practical realities of today’s product development environment. That’s why we take a system-wide approach that balances engineering and economic factors. It’s the perfect blend of blue-sky thinking and down-to-earth solutions.

Quantalux Home


Award for Biogas/Biodiesel Refinery Demonstration

Quantalux has received an award from the USDA for a Conservation Innovation Grant for the design of a hybrid biogas/biodiesel biofuel system. Working with with Michigan State University/ ADREC and MSU Extension, we will jointly analyze the technical and . . . Read More

Quantalux wins Young Entrepreneur Initiative (US-France)

Quantalux has been named a laureate for the Young Entrepreneur Initiative (YEI) to receive support for R&D and marketing in France for smaller-scale anaerobic digesters. The YEI provides substantial support to US entrepreneurs seeking to enter the French and . . . Read More

Quantalux Developing Custom Engineered Soils

This summer, Quantalux initiated the development of custom engineered soils for agricultural producers. Our approach is to design a product that targets the specific needs of a given producer in terms of nutrients and trace elements. Unlike petrochemical-based fertilizers, . . . Read More